These are some of the kind words that our patients have written about their experiences at The Modern Acupuncture Clinic.

JJ March 2019

I was referred to Spod a couple of weeks following years of suffering with, what I've always been told was sciatica. After having a fall in 2012 I have been attending physio pretty much monthly and was almost at the end of my tether and tired of daily painkillers! I have now had two acupuncture sessions with Spod and, in the nicest way, am pleased so say that I hopefully won't be seeing him again for a year or two! I have not taken a painkiller since my first appointment and, within two weeks am back to running daily and being pain free.  Thanks Spod!

DA November 2018

I visited the clinic today for the first time. I was given a very warm welcome and soon felt at ease. I knew spod when I was at secondary school which did made things easier. Spod is very informative and has a very understanding nature. Any questions and he gladly answered them in detail. I would highly recommend seeing spod as he has a high success rate with treating various conditions. My condition is complex and after my first treatment, I am trying to be optimistic that I get a bit of relief. Anything would be better than nothing. I have faith in spod to do all he can to help me. Thank you to spod for giving me some hope.

TC November 2018

I have had pain in my shoulder for going on 2 years now. Surviving with a mix of massage and pain killers. I decided to have acupuncture-had nothing to lose. After the first treatment I had a pain free nights sleep. I am continuing treatment with Spod, as it seems to work. I had huge trigger points which massage didn’t get close to resolving - but the needles do. It’s not as relaxing as a massage - but if it works, then I’ll take it.

MC November 2018

I have now had three acupuncture treatments treating several complaints, but focusing primarily on my lower back. I have suffered lower back pain for most of my adult life and actually didn't realise the extent it inhibited my physical wellbeing until I felt pain free! I felt an improvement after just one treatment and can only describe it as 'a lighter feeling' in my whole upper body. I can honestly say I cannot remember the last time I woke up in the morning with no pain until now. A relaxed and pleasant atmosphere adds to the whole experience.

JC October 2018

I have suffered from chronic migraine linked to pre-menstrual syndrome for approximately 25 years, sometimes suffering up to 4 migraines a week. I have tried a huge range of medication over the years, with varying degrees of success. I first went to see Spod about 6 weeks ago when I was at a very low point - almost constant pain which was of course also effecting my mood and general well-being. The six migraine tablets I was being prescribed a month was nowhere near enough. I have now had 4 treatments with Spod and in that time I have had NO headaches. I have not had such a long headache-free spell in over 25 years. I cannot recommend or thank Spod enough. Please give it a go.

PT June 2018
I have suffered from pain in my lower back for many years, I had tried all the usual treatments (massage, anti-inflammatories, analgesia etc), after two treatment sessions with Spod the pain has ceased. Spod was very thorough explaining the treatment, the expected outcomes and what was involved. I whole heartedly recommend acupuncture and Spod, I hope everyone has the same success as I have had.

MC May 2018
I admit I didn't fully believe acupuncture could work for me but in 1 session alone I feel 90% better. its more than any doctors have managed. Mr Dutton treats you with great respect and his friendly manor puts you at ease. His rates are low also. MANY THANKS !!!

AB April 2018
I felt Spod was very compassionate and was not fazed at all by all my problems. He adapted each session based on any improvements to particular areas. My main issues were migraines, trigeminal nerve pain and sciatica. The biggest improvement was the nerve pain, and with all things you need to persevere to gain the most benefit. I wasn’t expecting a result from my first session but can honestly say I am 100% happy with the treatments and will go back regularly to top myself up. Big thank you Spod.

CT April 2018
A little miracle has happened!

DD March 2018
I suffer with bouts of depression have done since my twenties in the past have relied on traditional treatment, antidepressants this time, still on low dose meds, decided to give acupuncture a try, so glad I did, I am back to my old self after a few sessions highly recommend Spod, puts you at ease in a very relaxed atmosphere going back in a few weeks time Thanks Spod

KW September 2017
Highly professional & amazing results!! Thank you Spod

LG June 2017
I think I can safely say, Spod Dutton and skills in Acupuncture have healed me. So relieved. Thank you. 

MB June 2017
Excellent clinic run by Spod Dutton. Spod has tailored his course of treatments to deal with my particular problem area, and it has definitely helped ease the issues I have been having with my lower back. I was surprised to learn that it's not just all about needles, there are various types of treatment including some gentle heat treatments, and the whole experience has proved incredibly good for my general well-being. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

BM June 2017
During a period of intense personal stress I needed help. I could tell my body and mind were being affected through a variety of symptoms ranging from muddled and slurred speech to sleepless nights and hot flushes. I am not a great believer in taking prescribed medication and know, from experience, that side effects can become more problematic than the original ailment. I had seen a television documentary on acupuncture and the conclusions were favourable so I decided to ask Spod for an initial assessment and his recommendation on treatment. I accepted his proposals and began to feel changes occurring after the second acupuncture session. I still felt stressed but stronger and certainly more robust about dealing with it and it's root cause. As sessions continued I became more relaxed and the ability to deal with stress was growing exponentially and very much appreciated. I continue with treatment less frequently now and although stress still features in my life I can respond more positively. I feel that Spod's systematic needling has helped me to rearrange my priorities whilst cleansing my body and mind. I am reassured by Spod's professionalism and caring manner.

DT January 2017
After a range of treatments over the years including deep sport massage, physiotherapy and a few manipulations from chiropractors, I had grown to accept that 20 years of abusing my back had done too much damage and I would just have to accept that lower back pain was something I would have to live with. Although originally quite sceptical about the idea of having acupuncture I've been treated by Spod for a few months now and after about 7 treatments my lower back pain has gone. Also, my general wellbeing and energy levels have perked up loads. I can highly recommend his treatments. Thanks Spod for all your help.

VR April 2017
Spod is perfect for this kind of treatment. He is friendly and thoughtful and respectful as well as kind and good at his job. I was slightly wary of acupuncture and not at all sure what to expect or even how it could possibly work. Spod put me at ease immediately. It has had good effects in areas I never thought it could and I feel much better for having it. I will return if I need to without a doubt. Thanks Spod.